Fearless Campaign Wall of Fame

We are dang stoked to release our Raw Honey live recording this summer! The Raw Honey tour will officially be coming your way beginning Spring 2017!  As we launch our new “Fearless” crowd funding campaign, we look to all y’all to help us get it out there. From production, to touring expenses, your continued support is crucial! In addition to the Raw Honey live album production, we are in the midst of a full summer of touring, performing almost exclusively with the full five piece band.  WE HAVE A TOURING GIRL BAND!!! That is truly the grooviest thing!

Thank you, our darling hONEyheads for all the support! We’ve never been able to do any of this without YOU! We are excited about our prospects for 2017/2018 as well! We will be back in the studio and returning to Nashville! Thank you in advance for loving on us in  a million different ways!
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Allison Davis
Amy Clark
Ann Hall
Amy Harrison
Amy Shea
Barb Lebeck
Bekki McQuay & Julie
Beth Watson
Bob & Shirley Todd
Bonnie Jordan
Brenda Wilkerson
Carol Kiesling
Cheryl & Bobby Puntes
Christine & Henry Morrison
Cyn Palmer & Beth Goldman
Daniel McKernan
Deborah Walters
Denita Richards
Diane F Curtis & Shanna Peeples
Dick & Brenda Wilkerson
Glenn Kostur
James Rhodes
Jana Buchanan
Kathy & Terri Gibson
Kelly Quinn & Kara Lee Anderson
Kenna Cantrell and Karen
Lisa and Nikki McCourt
Margaret Bovis
Marilyn Dolan
Marla Diener
Marsha Coates, Kirsten Heit, & Mama Jo
Mary Lou Rocca
Michael Kinchen & Shirley Green
Mikey & Janet Cunningham
Miriam Rand
Pam & Greg Leitner
Ralph and Linda Jackson
Raymond & Nancy Vail
Rick & Delma Schriever
Rick & Rosario Daniels
Rod & Sandi Mueller
Sheenie Tse Tah
Sheri Nelson
Stephany Moore & Lisa Logsdon
Susan & Alan Buchanan
Susan & Tonja Valdine
Suzanne Duca
Tamara Bates
Teresa McCartney & Don Richmond
Thomas Mahoney
Toni & Jill Daniels